Sam's Character Map

If you are new to Sam’s service, here are a couple of explanations to his numbers and general information:

Sam is usually multitasking between his trading, the chat room, and Twitter, so sometimes you may encounter unfamiliar terminology. This guide aims to assist you in understanding such terms and concepts.

If you see the following words, this is what he really means:

aer = are

sodl = sold

fro = for

maenge acct = manage account

Now, when Sam post his numbers in Twitter and Chat, sometimes some people don’t understand what they mean, so here is our attempt at explaining this. Sam will NEVER tell you to buy or sell any positions. He will always tell you what he is doing on his account and what works for him. as he explained on his video, you better expect things to go to 0, and no two accounts are the same, so what works for him will not necessarily work for you. This are the words in his numbers that we are trying to explain:

needs = stock price should reach this level to be in play (remember positions are sometimes cheaper before the stock starts to move, so you decide when to buy regardless of a resistance).

thru = if stock price surpasses that level he will probably purchase

want = nothing to do until stock prices reaches that level

huge hard = this is really hard resistance to surpass, but if it does the movement could be huge

303 306 309 322 = all this are resistance numbers and if stock surpasses one it could reach the next one

406 409 421 under 391 = resistance numbers for both sides

🚩 = means Sam bought or sold that position

Remember none of this information should be taken as advice. This is for educational purposes only, you do with your account what you deem appropriate.