Private Twitter

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This is SAM's private twitter.  Content on private twitter includes only my trades/plays.  For education purposes only.   Not intended for investment advice     Private Twitter allows for SMS Text Messages to be sent to mobile devices via Tweets, configurable thru twitter. *** Sam's Private Twitter does not include strategy discussions and questions that are typically discussed in CHAT ***

Chat Service (Most Popular)

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This is Sam's  (AKA @Smartertrader) private chat service.   Sam's room is different from other chat services.  We are extremely focused and for serious traders. Sam will be sharing his insights and knowledge in this discussion room throughout the day  SAM STYLE FUN !! *** Includes Private Twitter for FREE  :  Private Twitter allows for SMS Text Messages to be sent to mobile devices via Tweets. ***

Morning Call Service

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Premium phone service allows you to talk to Sam each day pre-market. Calls are at 7:25–8:00 CST . Most people arrive 20 minutes early for additional questions Which start at 7:15am CST. Sam goes thru the days set-up, news impacts, price points, and fair value pricing on many stocks. Questions revolve around Pricing, strategy, etc…Amazing Learning Experience. Calls are recorded for playback. CHAT service/private twitter is included for free.

Outside the Box Thinker – Just my opinions, thoughts, and comments not investment advice

Most options traders fail. Most consistently play the wrong options and Utilize flawed strategies. As the Market continues to evolves, Strategies and Methods that used to work in the past don’t work anymore. Most resist change.

Why do so many fail? Simple, most don’t do enough homework. Just because a strategy worked 10-20 yrs ago doesn’t mean it works today. Charts don’t work 100% of the time. News Matters. Events Matter. Trends Matter. Momentum Matters.

You will have losing trades. You will have Winning Trades. Your wins must be bigger than you loses. Simple

My Premium Phone Service allows you to talk to me every market day before market hours and after market hours. I go thru set-ups, price points, fair value, and answer questions. One of the great ways to learn. Incredibly Valuable

My Chat Service provide for discussion during the trade day. I post trades and answer questions all day during trading hours

My Private Twitter is where I post trades only.  People set up SMS Text to alert them when i post to private twitter